A successful branding strategy tailored for your company rallies consumers behind your business

COCO Creative Studio‘s partnership with COCO PR & Communications positions us to develop branding strategies for you. Being pop culture enthusiasts, our team of experts are always on-the-ball, looking out for the next latest trends to craft our client’s brand strategy.

Why COCO Creative Studio?

To us, branding and positioning is brand architecture – it’s about creating an entire language to represent WHO you are and WHAT you do. More than just about making things look and sound pretty – our focus is on the intricate details of media planning, to gel every aspect of your brand identity and ultimately form lasting impressions. Next, we’ll work on building a bridge of communication between you and your audience, conveying its competitive advantage, establishing brand credibility and eventually nurturing brand loyalty.

Our Branding Services

1. Brand Consultation
Our first step in crafting your brand strategy delves into the realm of discovery. This is when we learn the guts of your business – what makes it tick. We meet your audience and deep-dive into your industry. We conduct a research assessment on the strengths and weaknesses of you and your competitors. We ask about your goals to determine our navigation route. The goal of this detailed analysis on all fronts is simple – to concoct a growth strategy for your business. Our brand consultation process looks a little something like this:

(i) Assessment and Analysis
Creating a collaborative document to better understand your main objectives, company background, available resources, competitors, etc.

(ii) Collateral and Media Audits
Reviewing existing marketing and advertising materials, if any.

(iii) Familiarisation Tours
Touring your workplace and interacting with your employees – all to get to know your business a little better. This way, we won’t miss any key insights that can help us to conceptualise your very own branding strategy.

(iv) Key Stakeholder Interviews
Creating a user-centred brand strategy by carrying out a think thank process with your existing customers and key stakeholders. With more information about your brand’s core demographic, and brand perception, we can come up with more targeted integrated advertising strategies.

2. Brand Implementation
At this stage, it’s all about working on various elements of your brand – the visuals, the copy, and even how to relate to your customers. We want to help establish consistency and professionalism across your brand voice.

(i) Marketing Collaterals and Website Design
These are artistic expressions of your brand that underscore your brand’s messages. COCO Creative Studio goes the extra mile to understand your brand’s visual needs. We believe that working together face-to-face is vital to create an authentic brand. This is why we have travelled to over ten countries across four continents, working tirelessly to build and launch our past clients’ brands.

(i) Media training
We’re talking the nitty-gritty details, down to how employees first answer the phone and how they subsequently interact with consumers. It’s all part of the brand’s voice. Our partner, COCO PR & Communications Agency, can work with your team to come up with guidelines on how to create an unforgettable customer experience.

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