Photographing jewellery is very interesting and engaging. However, it does require a great amount of patience and can be quite challenging at times. One needs to be focused while photographing jewellery and look into minute details.Jewellery Product Photography Singapore Coco Creative Studio-5

Tips for Photographing Jewellery-


While photographing jewellery one should use lenses with a wide aperture. Narrow apertures may not work well for product photography since the photographer needs to be close to be subject. Macro lens are the best option for this kind of photography.

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File format-

One should always shoot in RAW as it captures more data and information as compared to other file formats. It makes retrieving information easier and post processing hassle-free.

Background for photographing jewellery-

Choose the background wisely. Plain white and reflective surfaces are a good choice. One could also use different materials as backgrounds which will appear blurred (due to the shallow depth of field) once the photographer zooms into the piece of jewellery. Experimenting with contrasting coloured backgrounds can be considered. It will bring out the product and make it stand out.

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Using a tripod while photographing jewellery is essential. It helps in avoiding any shaky images and allows one to easily adjust the focus manually.

White balance-

The photographer should use a grey card to gain the correct white balance. The colours of the jewellery should be captured how they appear in reality. For instance, silver should remain silver and appear as silver instead of rose gold or gold.

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One can use natural or artificial lighting. A beginner or an amateur can use natural light if they don’t have adequate knowledge of studio lights. They can place the jewellery near a window and photograph it. If the photographer is using studio lights, they can control the lighting and eliminate shadows and minimise reflections. Light boxes may be useful for reducing reflections and glare. However, using various light sources might produce different colour tones/temperatures. It is important that the photographer is careful about this and keep an eye on it.

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Eliminate reflections-

While photographing, the photographer might find their own reflection on the piece of jewellery. This should not be the case. One obviously does not want the final image to have a reflection of the photographer or equipment on the jewellery. This can be eliminated by trying different set ups such as, attaching a piece of paper to the bottom of the camera lens.

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Creativity is important while photographing products. The photographer can decide how to shoot the product. For example, trying various angles and lighting options, but the product also needs to look appealing in the frame and set up. A stylist or a creative director might be of great help to style the product before the shoot begins.

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One has to make sure that all the jewellery is clean before they start shooting. It is better to clean each piece before shooting with a microfibre cloth to remove dust particles and other marks. The photographer can also wear gloves to handle the jewellery while shooting, ensuring there are no fingerprints or marks made my their hands. They are small items but once the images are made bigger and printed one can easily notice these minute details.

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Focus stacking-

As the images are shot with a macro lens they have a shallow depth off field. Incase all areas of the product might not be fully in focus, one can use the process of focus stacking. The photographer can shoot multiple images of the product, adjusting the focus on various points and then merge all the images in post production to produce one single image. The single final image would have all areas sharp and in focus. A tripod is necessary for this kind of photography as the frame and subject should not move and using Live View mode on the camera is advised as well.


At COCO Creative Studio, we feel that jewellery should be photographed with great precision and looking into all micro details. The photographer should make sure that the jewellery stands out. If one desires to add more elements to the frame they should add props or elements which blend into the background and/or do not take away any focus from the subject.

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