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It is no secret that advertising videos and commercials can be a driving force behind the promotion of your brand or product. But what exactly are the benefits of advertising videos, and how do they work to boost your brand’s visibility in the industry?


Video advertising works threefold to benefit your brand. 

1. Advertising videos build awareness of your brand

This is the first and most obvious benefit of video ads that most people would think of.

By capturing the attention of viewers who have not heard of your service or product, advertising videos drive up brand awareness and increase its prominence in the industry.

With a well-produced video advertisement, the viewer is hooked in by the first 6 seconds and convinced to finish the video. While it might not make them click buy right away, the video plants a seed of recognition in the audience’s mind.

And the next time they find themselves in need of let’s say, a new phone cover, that spark of intrigue planted by your advertisement may grow into a decision to purchase your product.

2. Updating your audience on new developments in your business

Sometimes, that little seed of recognition made by an initial video campaign may require external assistance from you to remind the customer of your product or service that had intrigued them 6 months ago.

Perhaps viewers have heard of your brand before, but they have not received any up-to-date information about the business recently.

Video commercials not only provide these viewers with the most recent information about the business’ newest products or services, they also refresh their memories about the business- reminding them of your brand’s presence in the market.

Videos are one of the best ways to stay relevant in the industry and in the public’s consciousness.

3. Building rapport and trust with customers

The visual format of an advertising video allows your brand to showcase the different aspects of your product or service in a clear and concise manner.

By including tutorials or how-to guides in your video advertising, you are able to educate your audience on how your products work or how to gain the best out of your service.

In this way, we can display the benefits and workings of your business in a way that the viewer can understand quickly, reducing confusion or hesitation they might feel towards the brand.

In its Video Marketing study, Hubspot found that 96% of viewers watched a brand’s ‘explainer video’ to learn more about the product, and 88% of them were swayed to purchase said product after viewing the video.


But how does video advertising achieve all of this?


Increased reach of communication through advertising videos

Firstly, video adverts are another avenue by which you can communicate with your audience.

The more diverse and far-reaching the communication with your audience is, the greater your chances are to convert your viewers into buyers and advocates for your brand.

Video is especially useful in trying to reach a larger audience, as studies have shown that an increasing number of people are watching videos every single day.

For example, Hubspot found that in 2022, people are now watching 19 hours of video every week, as compared to 10.5 hours in 2018.

This presents a great amount of opportunity for brands to broadcast their message to the public, and reach a wide range of audiences.



Through higher SEO-Ranking

On major search engines like Google, videos help to improve SEO rankings. Websites or pages with videos are more likely to rank on the front page of Google.

This is due to the algorithm that Google uses to determine the quality of your content.

If your site contains a good mix of text, pictures, and videos, Google is more likely to consider your content as ‘high quality’, thus ranking it higher on its search results.

Videos also get the user to stay on your site longer.

If the viewer is convinced to stay on your site to finish watching a video, it shows the search engine that users are actually interested in your site.

This decreases the page’s ‘bounce rate’- or the rate at which people leave the page without interacting with it. It also increases the page’s ‘dwell time’- the amount of time people spend on your page before closing the tab or clicking away.

All of this improves your SEO ranking, increasing your chances to get on the first page of search results and driving traffic to your site.


As the most comprehensive form of advertising

Video advertising utilises both audio and visual aspects to catch the viewer’s attention. It appeals to both senses to tantalise or present information to the viewer.

Just watch any Coca-Cola ad, and you’ll get what I mean.


In this ad, Coca-Cola relies on the premise of a father who wants his son to accept his friend request on a social media platform.

While the visual aspect of the storytelling reels us in and makes us smile, the audio is what makes us think- ‘Yeah maybe I’ll have a Coke’.

The signature audio of the twisting of the cap, followed by the delightful fizzing of the carbonated drink, then finished off with a gulp and a long ahhh~ of refreshment, is what entices us into wanting to purchase the product.

The two elements of the video ad work well together to not only tell a relatable story, but also plant that little craving in our minds for a refreshing, ice-cold glass of Coke.

This shows that a well-produced video advert can communicate the concept and values behind your brand, and also serve as a prompt to action.

Our Services in Advertising Videos


In these three ways, video advertising achieves multiple benefits for your company.

Brands all over the world are raising their budgets allotted to video advertising purposes, as more and more of us are watching increasing amounts of videos every day.

We at COCO Creative Studio offer professional advertising video production services, where our team of creatives can help you with your video ad from start to finish.

Click through to find out more about our services, or contact us at to find out more.


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